Latest infrastructure models that suits north east Indian landscape

North East India is known for its cultural heritage and natural sceneries. Along with this comes the challenge to expand the infrastructure according to technological standards.

The government is striving hard to fashion the development in this region for the better lifestyle of the people and its immense business opportunities.

In this blog, you will get to know both the challenges and technological solutions in building a specialized infrastructure in northeast India

Complications in Infrastructure

North East India is a terrain area of approximately 26000 square kilometers which is around 8 percent of India’s landscape.

Because of their complex landscape, it’s challenging to build infrastructure. Also, there are few complications in shared borders with neighboring countries.

After 1990, the territorialization of states, cross-flow borders occurred. During this year, India started the Look East Policy to reconstruct the disrupted old trade routes of colonial times.

In 2003-2004, the policy encompassed northeast India for economic development and to extend relationships with Southeast Asian countries.

The Locals complain that it’s tedious to travel from one place to another. Even if the facilities are provided, natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, and landslides make the maintenance of infrastructure tedious for the government and the northeast citizens.


Collaborations with Japan on North East Infrastructure

Why Japan? To strengthen the relationship with Asian countries, Japan came forward to collaborate with India on developing the North-East infrastructure.

As a first step towards the India-Japan Coordination Forum, three national highways covering Meghalaya and Mizoram states are under construction.

Besides, Japan aims at increasing trade and commerce and providing immense employment opportunities to the locals. As a result of this, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has funded the Dhubri/Phulbari river bridge project.


North East Region Vision 2035-Latest Infrastructure models

Despite the challenges, our Government has provided good infrastructure for the North East areas. The Ministry of Development of the North Eastern Region has constructed 12 National highways covering all the seven states of North East India.

Moreover, the Government has initiated the North East Region (NER) Vision 2035 solely for the infrastructure development of Northeast India. According to this vision, by the year 2035, the Government has planned to achieve 13 transformative goals.

They include: NER growth quadrangle; sustainable development; eastern South Asia Power Pool, sub-regional connectivity; internet Gateway Link; promoting organic and sustainable food consumption; core Partner in the Trans-Border Value chain; establishing storehouses for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME); building a citadel for climate change studies; creating awareness about traditional medicine; converging and aligning towards new developments, restructuring the financial architecture; and youth Mission: 35 Scores Strategy.


The Bottom Line

The Government is striving hard to provide the best facilities for the Northeast region in all sectors. As a best step, the collaboration with Japan and NER vision 2035 is expected to be fruitful.

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