AG irrigation services provide solutions in modern scientific water management through customized irrigation systems and agronomical support in order to achieve superior product quality and higher yields. We provide design, consultancy, project management services, identification of specific product for Agricultural, Sports; especially golf courses, Turf farms, Landscape and Home & Garden segments of irrigation.

About the industry

India is facing the twin challenge of water scarcity and population explosion. The ongoing water crisis has affected nearly 600 million people and is expected to only worsen. The country’s population is touted to increase to 1.6 billion by 2050.
Micro-irrigation is considered as a prudent Irrigation technology promoted nationally and internationally to achieve higher cropping intensity and irrigation intensity through more focused application of water to crops.
Different types of systems  of irrigation are available in India, namely; drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler, porous pipe system, rain gun etc., where drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation dominate among all these systems. Scientific approach is needed towards selection of each system.