In India, Animal Husbandry is making a significant contribution to the national economy and socio-economic development of the country. With 10.71% of world’s livestock population, India stands first in buffalo population, second in cattle and goat population, third in sheep, fifth in chicken and sixth in camel population world over with bovine population of 299.9 million, 135.17 million goats, 65.06 million sheep, 10.29 million pig, 0.4 million camels and 729.2 million poultry as per latest census. There’s an immense potential in this sector.


AG provides consultancy services to assist in identification of major issues related to development of Animal Husbandry sector and also assist the investors, ministry, department in defining and designing of road map, action plan and strategies for overall development of sector by inflow of investment through PPP or grants to design and implement animal husbandry projects with an assured outcome.