Water division of AG delivers the entire range of engineering services to create and implement comprehensive and sustainable solutions in water. This division of AG provides end-to-end solutions in water drawl, raw water pumping facility, water treatment, water distribution, water harvesting system, wastewater treatment, zero effluent discharge system, Flood control solutions, etc. in a customized professional way.

About the industry

Water is a cross-cutting issue that is of critical importance to India. In order to make progress on major development challenges, including food security, rapid urbanization, sustainable rural development, disaster risk management, adaptation to climate change, equitable allocation of natural resources, and economic cooperation with its neighbours in the region, water management is of utmost importance. Water mismanagement causes inadequate service delivery and slow economic development. Supply augmentation continues to be the preferred response to scarcity, rather than improved management. A decades-long push to expand the country’s irrigated area has left Irrigation Departments in most states focused primarily on the construction of physical works.