About the industry

About the Industry:- To improve the integrated development of Horticulture industry and to help in sustaining the production and processing of fruits and vegetables. Various schemes such as Commercial Horticulture Scheme, Cold storage scheme, Technology Development Transfer Scheme are available. Horticulture market is seasonal which renders scope for further processing of agri-business in order to provide products round the year. For example, mango is one of seasonal fruits but it is available round the year on shelf in the form of fruit juice, canned pulp and other mango products.


AG horticulture widely ranges from Landscaping, Plantation, Floriculture, Agri projects, Biotechnology; especially Bio-fuel nurseries development, keeping our clients in mind. Keeping our clients, abreast of the evolving trends, systematic and timely work implementation. The focus of the company is to use science and technology for the benefit of productions that ultimately translate into better products for the common man and country.