AG Group has deep roots in the public and social areas of Sports, Tourism, Education, and Health care. AG provides an overall solution to prepare a comprehensive project report and master plan and deliver any project in the public and social sector.

  • AG offers full consulting and development services to national and international game management organizations. We can create strategies that help our clients stand out from the pack.
  • AG contributes significantly to tourism by developing one-of-a-kind master plans and road maps for investors, governments, and others. We build mega projects and work on Government of India initiatives for overall tourism.
  • AG provides customised training and educational opportunities. Our one-of-a-kind educational approach is the deliberate transmission of society’s collected information, skills, and values from one generation to the next.
  • AG assists hospitals and medical colleges with feasibility studies, planning and design, project management, procurement, and other services, as well as aid in the creation of health policies and programmes.