Affordable and sustainable transport solutions

The primary concern with transportation is that it results in excessive emission of pollutants into the air.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is the first reason for premature death in metropolitan cities. Therefore, minimizing air pollution must be given utmost importance.

We have provided four affordable and sustainable transport solutions.

Car Independent Travel

Minimizing single-use vehicles is a crucial component in developing sustainable transport solutions. Instead of using high fuel emitting vehicles like cars, considering alternatives like public bicycles, car sharing, and carpooling conserves fuel.

In urban areas, car sharing renders great results because individuals don’t have to spend on maintenance and parking costs.

This way, both traffic, and pollution can be managed and controlled. Also, fuel consumption went down. However, a question arises as people consider owning a car as a social status.

Perhaps, the government should take strict measures like using cars for traveling only more than 4 Kms and promoting bicycles for shorter distances could be an ideal middle ground.

riding bicycles


Specific Restrictions to Freight Logistics

Delivery vehicles cause traffic in the majority of the areas. Since they take up a lot of space and time for loading and unloading, it’s necessary to create strategies to minimize the inconvenience.

Finding a solution for this problem is tricky as it involves a complex network of distribution channels and stakeholders.

In the Netherlands, electric boats were the lorry-based freight distribution. It operated four times a week and supplied to 60+ bars and restaurants without any delay.

The public appreciated this effort, and this strategy yielded revenue of EUR 4,20,000. We can enforce similar solutions in India, where we can depend on the waterways.

 Cargo ships exporting goods in the international waters


Control over Parking

Delhi, one of the highly populated cities in India is facing a grave problem—limited parking space. Delhites complain that after reaching the destination it takes nearly 15 minutes to find a decent parking space. It creates a lot of stress and delays work for office goers.

That’s when contactless parking comes to the rescue. It is convenient and safer, especially in this covid-19 pandemic.

People can book their parking slot before reaching their destination. Channelizing this technology can save so much time.

 Cars parked uniformly across the pathway


Supporting Decarbonization

As mentioned earlier, carbon emissions are the main concern in environmental changes. Although its effects are transparent, carbonization wasn’t recognized as a significant problem in the United Nations when they formulated sustainable development goals.

But, vehicle manufacturers in developed countries are concentrating on optimizing decarbonization.

One of the cardinal solutions to carbon dioxide emission is electric vehicles. So far, the expectations for decarbonized vehicles are high. Maybe it will replace fossil fuel-dependent transportation in the coming years.

Cargo trucks


The Final Takeaway

If you concentrate on these areas, not only will the transport systems improve but also the pollution will be minimized. What do you think?

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Disclaimer: This information has been collected through secondary research and AG HORIZON PVT LTD is not responsible for any errors in the same.