2021 Trends in Tourism management that shape our country’s future

Economists say that tourism and aviation industries are experiencing their worst times since the outbreak of covid-19.

Nearly INR 1.25 trillion revenue loss has been registered by the Indian Tourism Industry.

Will this situation change? Here are four trends in tourism management that might revive our country’s economy. 

A traveller’s map


Touchless Tech Travel

People fear traveling after a covid outbreak for one reason. What? Physical Contact.

Fortunately, we have the technology to safeguard us from the spread of the virus to a certain extent. For example, mobile applications to book tickets.

Nearly, 42% of people feel safe to travel after the utilization of digital technology. Also, apps like Paytm, Google Pay, Phonepe enhance the contactless transaction within minutes.

Even airports are working on accurate test results for covid-19 screening within seconds so that passengers needn’t hassle much.

Smart Travel


VR and AR based Hotel Bookings

Technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are a rapidly growing tourism management trend.

Earlier, this technology was constrained to some industries. But, not anymore! How does this help travelers exactly?

When you want to book a hotel room, you might be skeptical even after looking at the pictures. AI and VR replace that fear and present you with real-time visuals and audio of your holiday destination.

Artificial Intelligence is a boon for people who can’t travel due to physical challenges.

Experiencing VR


ChatBots and Robots

Gone are the days where people served the guests. It’s time for robots to do the job.

Some might refrain from this advancement. Yet, in this social distancing scenario, robots are safer than humans.

Still, this aspect is under improvement. Soon, we can expect robots to guide tourists. Similarly, chatbots are used almost everywhere. Instead of hiring people for doing mundane tasks, chatbots do the job perfectly without zero error.

They are used in providing information on nearby hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions; clarify the routes for people who are searching for a tourist spot; and answering repetitive questions elaborately without getting bored.

AI robot


Theme Based Tourism

What is it? Traveling with a purpose is called theme-based tourism. Some people love yoga retreats. Some people want to explore the unknown places of the city.

Traveling has become fascinating. People are more interested in engaging with local communities, cherishing the air and taste of the location, and seeking authenticity wherever they travel.

Some of the theme-based tourism include—Polar tourism (exploring arctic and antarctic region), dark tourism (visiting battlefields, volcanic disasters), culinary tourism (attend culinary fairs to experience different foods), wellness tourism (mind detox, seek healing).

A traveller clicking pictures of the historical site


The Final Takeaway

With the gradual decrease of covid-19 and the effect of stringent regulations, the tourism industry will restore its place soon. Thus, improving the economy of our country. What do you think?

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