The Rising  Sports Culture is Capable of Painting the Social and Psychological Canvas of Indian Society?

Right from the early years of human life, sports have been an integral part of social interaction and psychological well-being. From just running to any specific team sport such as cricket, hockey, etc brings individuals together and knits the colorful canvas of our memories and learnings together.

In the last few decades, sports in India have lost their priority over the rat race of degrees and branded education systems. This has somewhere disturbed the social and psychological unconscious learning curve and weakened the spirit of togetherness, discipline, and association. This has also impacted the mental and physical health of individuals as the contemporary lifestyle leaves very little space for physical activities.

Thus, in turn, it has increased the burden of non-communicable and psychological disorders in Indian society which otherwise has no scope to exist in the ancient Indian social structure. So to address the same, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is doing a great effort with the launch of several initiatives like Khelo India, Fit India Movement, etc, and bringing the change into reality. Now Indian families feel proud when their kids play for the country or perform equally well in sports.

The scenario is changing and thus giving color to the existing Indian social system and trying to address the health, fitness, and psychological challenges faced by the Indian society at all levels. Sports bring social support, and a sense of association with fellow teammates and thus strengthen the well-being of individuals as well as society.

Sports are the best way to practice control over emotions and help in developing social esteem which in turn keeps the negative psychology away and motivates children and adults towards growth and goal accomplishment. It makes the way for a disciplined life and helps them to perform outstandingly in their academic as well as professional domains. Thus, the more push toward sports will surely bring more laurels like Olympic medals for the country and give strength to the social settings of diversified Indian society at large.