Yoga: A Necessity to live a Healthy and Happy Life in the Present Era

Yoga is an ancient Indian system of exercise to find physical, mental, and spiritual health through the discovery of “self”. This is practiced and professed by millions of people around the globe in the present time. Yoga, the art or science of breathing, is connected with India’s deep root culture and heritage that has its association with Lord Shiva in ancient Indian literature.

It rejuvenates the nervous system of the human body and makes them physically healthy, mentally happy, and in control of themselves. It has been practiced in the corners of the world with the belief to bring the mind and body in control while connecting to the inner self for making clear, focused, and conscious efforts for the development of individuals and society in all its spheres. Yoga is much more to do with social well-being rather than just elating the self.

In the present times, when the people around are facing various social, mental, and lifestyle challenges due to rapid urbanization, living a happy life is becoming an everyday challenge. Today, where catching deadlines, sleepless nights, and stressing corporate jobs are the way to live a fulfilled life. People are getting detached from themselves as well as spirituality and driving only toward worldly needs.

Thus, in such a situation detoxifying the body and mind by translating it into physical, spiritual, and mental peace is only possible through the continuous practice of the ancient knowledge of yoga by one and all. The contemporary lifestyle has increased the overall burden of non-communicable diseases on healthcare such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc. Since the emergence of Covid 19 pandemic, the large incidence of psychological issues has endangered the overall wellness of society to which yoga is the ray of hope.

Thus, the proven approach of yoga to re-energize stressed daily lives and bring body, mind, and consciousness into an enlightening state of joy is paramount. In this process, acceptance of all existing at the core and protection of life, nature, etc will be achieved through a systematic process of self-realization and purification of energy channels. It is providing a tailor-made solution for everyone to achieve higher tolerance towards different beliefs, cultures, and religions in this continuously evolving society for holistic peace and wellness.