UNGA’s Global Resolution on AI Shaping the Future Development of AI Technology 

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) took a landmark decision by approving the resolution for advancing the “security, safety, and trustworthiness” of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will unleash the potential of AI by enhancing its development for the future and remain in sync with seventeen sustainable development (SDG) goals.

The resolution will work on the existing AI ecosystem to address all important aspects that can be widely accepted especially on the grounds of safety, security, and trust to respect the rights of end users. The assembly emphasized human rights protection by addressing entire member states and various stakeholders to stop the misuse of AI technology to preserve aiming to have an equilibrium of human rights between offline and online use of technology.

To develop sturdy regulatory and governance norms under this resolution the UNGA requested all concerned authorities including member states, civil society, media, private players, and research organizations. These norms would focus on various parameters like advancing security, overcoming unemployment due to job losses, developing better laws for the AI ecosystem, and addressing privacy concerns.

The UNGA understands the diverse range of technological advancements going on in different countries to fill up the digital divide between developed and developing countries. The resolution will boost support and cooperation towards developing countries to enable universal access to the trending AI ecosystem and boost digital education worldwide while ensuring the protection of personal data worldwide.

United Nations has also expressed its positive view on the resolution passed that addressed all the areas of concern in today’s AI-enabled digital world. It can be used as a reference model to highlight various AI challenges in diverse spheres of life including the sensible use of AI technology in military operations, security, and peace. Though this resolution is non-binding, still it prioritizes vital guidelines for the use of AI and its development.

To realize the potential benefits of AI technology world is ready to overcome all the odds through such dedicated actions that bring different nations, individuals, and organizations together. It will reflect the motive of showcasing the potential of AI technology for the common good of human beings globally.