Skill India Mission Ready to Promote Entrepreneurship among India’s Tribal Youth

Skill is the tool to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth. In a developing country like India where resources are limited in comparison to the rising population level, skill training enables youths to get the right way of achieving their livelihood and endeavour their dreams irrespective of their social, financial and economic status.

In the same line, to empower the tribal community, the government of India through its Skill India Mission has been working religiously to prepare a holistic development roadmap. That will make the tribal youth in India self-reliant and provide enormous growth opportunities within their local geographical regions.

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is working towards achieving the same goal through its Grameen Udyami Project and other government-initiated skill training programs. Through the Skill India Mission, the government is also ready to realize the untapped potential of India’s tribal youth and make them aware of the benefits of skilling up.

It will prove to be a game-changer move to converge the power of the tribal community and their local economy towards the growth of India’s economic prosperity. This will also provide them a fair opportunity to stand on their feet while realizing the true power of India’s villages to make way for “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

All these efforts are aimed to provide economic empowerment to tribal youths through inclusive entrepreneurship knowledge along with skill training that will help them to find different job opportunities present in their local economies such as Electricians, Plumbing, Farm Mechanization and many more. The assistance under such government schemes covered both recurring and non-recurring financial assistance with the provision of a stipend to increase participation.

The skill training of India’s tribal youth in this systematic way will not only increase the growth of India’s rural economy but also conserve the local natural resources. That will eventually keep a check on forced migration in the need for livelihood and bring more employment opportunities to the region. It will make them an integral part of the organized sector which has a poor contribution from the tribal communities to date. It is one of the best ways to tap the true potential of India’s current demographic dividend and level the regional imbalances across the country to benefit all.