Our project advisory services ensure that the projects are implemented and managed in a perfect professional manner, delivering value from projects for our clients. Our services bring the required depth of expertise to government and corporate on how to manage their projects.  We guide in planning a project or program, develop effective governance structures, assess project and process performance. For reviewing current processes we advise on process restructuring by evaluating and advice on performance optimization.

Project Visions & Advice framing

A vision clarifies the project’s purpose, eliminates confusion, unifies the team and inspires them to do their best. As businesses hold an important key to tackling poverty, development cooperation initiatives designed by donors need to be implemented with the private sector, by the private sector and for the private sector.

Project Formulation

Formulation of research problem is the stage where the researcher has a clear understanding of the terms used in the research such that there are no conflicts regarding their interpretation and measurements. Conceptualization process eventually leads to framing meaningful concepts which ultimately lead to creation of a theory.

Preparation of Roadmap & Business Plans

A business plan is the road map to success. This is used as a tool in the decision-making needed to reach the business goals and helps to manage the change that will undoubtedly impact the business over time. First, we’ll determine the vision and then we’ll settle on a high-level strategy for guiding that vision to reality. And finally, we start creating a roadmap to capture and communicate that vision and strategy.

Preparation of Process Mandates

We are capable of consulting on the entire development process from conception to completion. For mega projects or equity stakeholders, we are capable of providing professional oversight of all areas of new development throughout the process, we try to mitigate all project risks through all stages of the proposed project development.

Tailored Project Development Proposals

Project Proposals give the Team an opportunity to clarify, elaborate, organize and further develop its initial concepts into a set of specific components explicitly designed to address the root causes of the core problem and achieve the agreed objectives.

The Project Proposals that AG Horizon offers to its clients serves a range of purposes in the process of developing a compact program.

Coordination With Govt and Private

We as an experienced consulting firm are well-versed with the laws of all regions and master the skill of coordination. Wherever the location might be, our team conducts a complete survey and hacks down all probable complications that may show up during execution. Budgeting and time-scheduling are our top-most priorities and we do not compromise that in any given circumstances.