Positive Impact of Covid on our Environment

Despite the negative impact on mankind, covid has given a break for the environment to replenish itself. However, do you think the lockdown benefitted the climate and wildlife? In this blog, you’ll see the positive impact of covid on our environment.

1. Improvement in Weather Conditions

To everyone’s surprise, the quality of air in buzzing cities drastically improved. Forecasting scientists say that the carbon dioxide emission from vehicles has dropped to more than 20% in countries like the US, UK, China, and India. Besides, NASA reported that the concentration of the ozone layer has increased and it is a very rare situation in the past 10 years.
How does this happen?
Industrial activities and transportation were low during the lockdown and made the air cleaner than ever.

2. The Aquatic Life

Not only the air but also the water bodies also improved in this covid induced lockdown. This was mainly due to the cessation of industrial waste into rivers, lakes, and oceans. Ganga, one of the most polluted and holiest rivers in the country. Even after spending millions, it was an utter failure to clear the industrial and domestic waste on this river. However, scientists from Banaras Hindu University conducted a water quality test in Ganga and proved that nearly 50% of the waste was cleared naturally. Unbelievable! Similarly, reduced noise pollution and zero oil spillage redeemed marine life. Even olive ridley turtles could freely mate and lay eggs across beaches due to less disturbance from tourists.

3. Less industrial Waste

In a recent study by waste management in Coonoor, Tamilnadu-the total waste was cut down to half (20,000 kg/week to 10,000 kg/week). The analysis shows that ban on single-use plastic and lockdown has influenced this massive improvement in the environment. On the other hand, the shutdown of industries reduced the dumping of waste on water and air completely. Sadly, we got a new problem. Covid-related waste became unmanageable. Sanitation workers were at high health risk while collecting, allocating, and treating these wastes on a day-to-day basis.

4. Wildlife

In many parts of the world, people could witness animals roaming around the streets. A bunch of flamingos were spotted in Mumbai. Endangered organisms like Dolphins returned to the Ganges in Kolkata. Animals became confused as they couldn’t spot humans on previously buzzing streets. On the flip side, hunting and poaching of large animals increased to 44 percent. This was terrible. It shows that these lawbreakers didn’t follow the pandemic rules. The situation forced forest officers to work a double shift.


Although covid was cruel to mankind, it helped us solve a lot of environmental issues that were impossible earlier. At AG Horizon Pvt Ltd, we provide possible and innovative solutions to such environmental issues. Check out our services!
Disclaimer: This information has been collected through secondary research and AG HORIZON PVT LTD is not responsible for any errors in the same.