India’s Agriculture Sector Can Tap Unexplored Potential With Higher Rural Literacy Rate

The agriculture sector in India is working relentlessly for the food security of more than 1.4 billion population. This primary sector of the Indian economy has long arching impacts on everyday life. Thus its higher productivity with good quality agricultural produce is always a good sign for the growth of the economy. The sector provides the highest number of employment to the country’s population and keeps a check on rural migration for the sake of livelihood.

The rural economy in India is majorly dependent on agriculture which contributes around 25-30% of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The rural population works on the farms to provide basic fuel for life i.e., food and support allied sectors to keep the global food supply chain working.

But, with the rural literacy rate of 73.5% (as per 2021 statistics), the growth of the agriculture sector in India is still limited and uses traditional ways.  Their lack of knowledge about modern ways of farming, organic farming, use of technology in agriculture limit the overall agricultural productivity along with their financial growth.

Today, technology is arriving everywhere to help and ease the process. The various innovation in the field of agriculture by Indian startups are ready to develop the tailormade solution for Indian farmers. Besides this, their lack of education and limited awareness makes all these innovations of no use to them.

The Government of India also over time conducts various Krishi Melas to educate them about the best practices prevailing in the sector across the globe. But education plays an important role in the quick adoption of these methods and thus, from time to time various policies to increase rural literacy come forward.

Government programs such as Sarv Siksha Abhiyan, and Mid Day Meal. etc has significantly helped to increase rural literacy in the last decade. Rural literacy in India recorded a CAGR of around 3.42% between 2003 and 2014 with a significant increase in the number of students attending school regularly. Higher literacy will no doubt bring awareness and increase the use of technology and digital solutions to explore new heights in agriculture and allied sectors that will add up to the per capita income of the country in the long run.