India Rising in Global Tourism Index 2024 Highlighting the Success of its Sustainable and Welcoming Tourism Initiatives

India home to diverse terrains and multiple cuisines welcomes the world with an open heart and a deep belief in the spirit of “Athiti Devo Bhav”. Over the years, substantial policy reforms have showcased India’s growing as a popular destination with an extensive array of tourism and hospitality products for its domestic as well as international tourists and travelers. 

With such a positive vibe, India has secured the 39th position in the Global Tourism Index 2024 by the World Economic Forum (WEF). With an overall score of 4.25 out of 7, India has secured the highest position in the index among lower middle-income group economies.

Earlier, in 2021 India was ranked at the fifty-fourth position. The improved ranking is testimony to India’s comeback with an ability to be a preferred tourist destination for a range of hospitality services globally in the post-pandemic world.

The World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) latest report has highlighted that India’s higher position in the index is driven by factors including scenic landscapes, a mixed bag of cultural heritage, and a rich historical saga. The sincere efforts of the government to boost tourism infrastructure and foster sustainable tourism practices have given wings to that. The “Incredible India” campaign has given a prestigious stage to India’s cultural and natural treasures trove before the world and promoted the country’s tourism portfolio.

The multiple new additions in the last few years to the UNESCO World Heritage List from India have added volume to its tourism-friendly policies. In terms of price competitiveness, India stands at 18th rank globally in the index. It is an economically preferred choice for medical tourism and beyond. Based on diversity and range of cultures, India got 9th position alongside non-leisure resources.

The country upholds an adequate score for travel and tourism needed to maintain viability and hospitality at par with global standards. The introduction of several changes in the indexing parameters over the year has restricted the direct comparison of the current index with the older ones. But still, the latest ranking promises growth prospects for India’s tourism sector with instruments like ecotourism and adventure tourism in the future.