Humanoid Robot: Demonstrating the Future Abilities of AI-Enabled Machines

Intelligent machines are rapidly replacing humans in the digital world. The growing intelligence of these robots is making them more human than machines and bringing new inventions into the market along with smooth mechanical operations. They may not exactly look like a human all the time but their functions such as walking, talking and helping in some simple daily chores work like cleaning and watering in the garden are making them their trusted partners. Their rising capabilities and precision are revolutionizing the employment sector too.

For many, these inventions reduce human efforts and enhance quality, accuracy and trust in the process rather other finds it unethical to be the reason for job losses in the name of technology. But as artificial intelligence is making progress, they are going to bring more excitement to the field of robotics.

India is a promising market with a huge population of 1.3 billion, the humanoid robots are there to accelerate the industry as well as economic growth. Need is the mother of invention and is giving wings to the robotics industry across the globe. However, as these are the combination of complex circuits and lengthy programming codes, a simple glitch can result in severe financial and physical losses. But still, they are a great aid to humans.

 Currently, they are occupying a very small part of the market but it has tremendous potential to unfold in the future with continuous research in the field of artificial technology. The industry is pouring in huge investments in the R&D of these humanoids to make them multifunctional and promise multiple capabilities in one machine. Recently Tesla showcased its prototype Optimus for an ambitious technology-enabled future for human beings in this field.

Their continuous interaction with humans is bringing more skill sets, sophistication, and innovations as these are now powered by adaptive technologies and learning capabilities. With wider use across all sectors right from healthcare and education, to manufacturing, these AI-enabled robots are promising a bright future and setting a trend that is going to stay here in the future. This will make more room for creativity, productivity and self-assessment for humans and enhance their quality time to add more color to their memory lanes.