Government Policy Report l July 2022

The most talked-about AGNIPATH scheme is approved by the Government of India to revolutionize the recruitment process in the Armed Forces and attract Indian youths to serve the nation. The youths selected under this scheme will be called “Agniveers” and selected for the engagement period of 4 years. It will envisage a major policy shift in the human resource management of the Armed Forces in India.

The scheme is designed to lower the average age of the Indian armed forces to 24-26 years from the present level of 32 years. The engagement will physically and psychologically motivate the Indian youths and inculcate the feeling of patriotism in them. The culture of the Armed forces will bring more discipline and promote nationalism among youth and help in mobilizing the skilled manpower to serve the nation with new josh. As per the government details, this year 46,000 Agniveers will be recruited and over 4-5 years the average age of the Armed Forces will come down and pump up new energy.