Global Alarms by United Nations: Wake up World to Address the Risks

The United Nations General Assembly has laid down its priority list for 2022 with the mention of five major global concerns and asks for complete coordination and mobilization to create an effective and strong impact on humanity across borders. These priority global alarms are:

  • Covid 19 Pandemic
  • Bankruptcy in Global Financial System
  • Climate Change
  • Unregularised Cyberspace
  • Shrinking Peace & Security

Since the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic in 2019, the global dynamics are changing at a high pace. It is posing a new threat to mankind and health and financial infrastructure globally. The countries are working on their maximum healthcare capability. But the urge is to make vaccination an equitable right for all in the mission mode to diminish the threat of spreading this deadly virus in years to come.

The pandemic has also exposed the vulnerable sides of global financial systems and thus putting a fire alarm on global financial stability. These systems should be made morally robust so that the poorer and economically vulnerable sections of society such as women, and children in the remotest corners of the globe can get maximum benefit as the underdeveloped and middle-income countries are showing slow growth recovery.  

The global divide among the countries has shown financial and political instability resulting in various regional disturbances such as in Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc. Thus, a concrete roadmap to develop regional peace along with safeguarding human rights everywhere is needed.

Besides these concerns, climate change is on highly sensitive levels and the world is already off track from the commitments of the Paris Agreement on climate change. It’s time to address the issue in emergency mode with the adoption of “avalanche action” to reduce the emissions by 45% globally by the end of this decade. The world needs to be encouraged to invest more in renewable energy sources and restrict the use of fossil fuels.

To address the current challenges, the expansion of cyberspace is needed. But the technological advancements will also bring new threats like data misuse, and cybercrimes along with it. Thus, the world needs to establish a common code of conduct for the use of technology and cyberspace and increase the efficacy of digital cooperation in the interest and betterment of mankind.