Analysis Report On Horticulture Forestry – April 2022

Being the land of 20 distinct agro-climatic regions due to varying climate and weather conditions, India ranked the second largest in the world for the availability of agricultural land. The land is thus used as arable land for different purposes and horticulture and forestry are among the ones having a decent share to cater to the domestic as well as export demands of the products like spices, jute, oilseeds, medicinal herbs, etc. The climate and land conditions had made India one of the largest producers in many of the horticulture and forestry products such as spices, lac-based products, etc but the national yield of the majority of these crops in the country is still far less than the global average.  Thus, in the fiscal year, 2021-22 while expecting a growth trend in consumer spending, the government has raised the targets for post-pandemic production levels in this sector also.