AG Newsletter - Q1 Edition 2024

The Prime Minister of India on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchmi on 14 February 2024 inaugurated the 1st Hindu BAPS Mandir temple in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The inauguration has itself showcased the shared harmony between the two nations and became the symbol of shared heritage for coming generations. On 01st ┬áMarch 2024, the temple was opened to the public, scripting a golden chapter of communal harmony. The temple embodies the cultural and spiritual spirits embracing people of diverse faiths to learn and experience peace for humanity’s well-being globally. This splendid architecture is spread over twenty-seven acres, 108 feet high, and costs 400 million Dirhams equipped with 300 sensors. The BAPS temple in UAE showcases the unity and cultural exchange boosting humanity and devotion in the Gulf region. This state-of-the-art architecture has added a cultural identity to the splendid architecture of UAE such as Burj Khalifa for which the most significant role has been played by the Government of UAE.