Adventure Tourism: A New Niche to bring Freshness to India’s Tourism Sector

A culturally diverse and historically rich country like India has vast potential to tap into the tourism sector. As per projections, the Indian travel market is going to touch the mark of US$ 512 billion by the fiscal year 2028. The rapid infrastructural development in the farthest and remotest corners of the country is providing a necessary boost to the industry. This will help tap the enormous hidden prospects to attract domestic and international tourists for various unique traveling experiences such as Adventure Tourism.

As per the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), India stood at 10th position in terms of total contribution to GDP by the travel and tourism industry in the fiscal year 2019. To increase it further, the Ministry of Tourism continuously developing “Adventure Tourism” as a new niche product to bring more opportunities to the sector. This will enhance the development of adventure activities including Water Sports for 365 days all over the country and attract travelers and tourists having specific interests in adventure sports like Hiking, Rafting, Climbing, Zip Lining, etc.

The diminishing social interaction and rapid urbanization have exhausted people psychologically and left little place for physical activities. In the corporate contemporary lifestyle, the burden of non-communicable diseases is increasing day by day along with the monotony of daily regular life. Adventure tourism here brings a fresh, different set of natural and cultural activities to reenergize people and bring them out of their comfort zones to experience something unique.

But adventure tourism has its own risk involved and thus strong safety-related guidelines must be in place while tapping its maximum potential in the sector. To this, the government has geared up with the formulation of the “National Strategy for Adventure Tourism” along with the constitution of the “ National Board for Adventure Tourism” by identifying various Central/ State/ UT administrative bodies.

All of this will help to streamline the operational and implementation details regarding the promotion and development of adventure tourism in India. The financial assistance from the government including skill development and training in this particular niche will enhance its competitiveness and quality of service at a global level which will add up more foreign reserves to the country’s pool and create millions of jobs.