Our project research services assist decision makers to keep pace with the ever-changing and challenging business environment. It also intends to play a significant role in improving the functions of management system in different economic sectors, for corporate & government entities, ensuring a stable relationship with experts in different industries, with effective communication and the scientific workings. We identify the opportunities in national and global domain supplement the endeavour, by developing the quality and quantity of such opportunities through our services.


Measure tangible aspects of customer needs. Establish areas of potential risk and ascertain a client’s preferences and needs. The Survey Research Centre provides a full array of offerings from a single consultation on the design of the survey instrument to a comprehensive package of a survey, design, implementation and final top-line analysis. It provides tailor-made services to meet and exceed client expectations.

Result-Oriented Studies

Studies and surveys are crucial for multi-sectoral works, especially in developing areas considering every aspect like employment, terrain and demographical studies. Our extensive project management experience as well as specific functional experience across a broad range of technology-based projects, provides the basis for an effective assessment. Simultaneously, we develop necessary project strategies for implementation.

Socio-Economic Survey

Understanding community dynamics, issues and resource gaps is the way to begin a new development policy or social investment strategy. Engagement with socio-economic data shapes up the project entirely differently and maximises its chances of success. It also provides a voice to indigenous communities, fence line communities and labour-sending communities.

Employment Generating working

The project strengthens the capacity of national and local government, non-governmental organizations and local community organizations to manage employment-intensive small-scale development projects in the future. The project will have an employment generation component as well as an institutional development component.

Strategizing Long-Term Goals

AG Horizon’s ability to set long-term goals and constantly envision the future of your business has an inordinate impact on the success and profitability of your enterprise. We set goals that are specifically designed, with realistic deadlines. We set and propose goals based on the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Time-bound) principle.

Preparation of Research Report

A roadmap provides the direction of the project. Baselines are the project’s three approved starting points and include the scope, schedule and cost. These provide the ‘stakes in the ground.’ The kick-off meeting is an effective way to initiate the planning process. The Scope Statement is an important document in the project plan to develop the cost baseline, which is a time-phased budget, or cost by time period.